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Change your scene while finding items you love that last. Here you will find establishments that support local, slow and sustainable fashion.


Hit the pavement or push the button, sustainable and fair trade brands are not a trend, they are here to stay and growing in numbers everyday. 

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DIY blog posts, video tutorials and other ideas you can do with things commonly found in your closet and around your home.


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Who are the leaders in Sustainable Fashion? From saving the planet with closed loop systems that work seamlessly, to shipping our used clothes to countries that straight up don't want'em!

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Find them or define them?

In Discussion.

Lifting the veil on some of the many lifestyle options available to us today. What's new to learn about? Who are the experts? What discussions are happening on Social Media? What is deemed as acceptable and why are certain things forbidden? How are things around the world impacting you? What are you choosing to do (or not do) about it? Where do we go from here?

We'll look at areas such as Feminism, Racism, Depression, Spirituality, Business, Cannabis, Sex, Body Positivity, Technology and our Eco System. 

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Whats happening in your part of the world? How has it helped you, or someone you care about? Let's spread the news.

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