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Think back over the week. Did you feel confident and comfortable as you faced each day? Or, did you find yourself in situations where you didn't feel phenomenal? You're not alone, and your wardrobe can be your best ally. 

Style Coaching is a potent combo of two life changing services - Stylist and Life Coach. With the help of a Style Coach you gain a broader sense of self, learn new tools and adopt useful tricks that are tailored just for you. You will sustain what you already know, while adding and refining in a way that makes you feel (and look) great. 

The process is fun and participatory. A combination of expert advice, simple tools, functional skills, and specific knowledge to develop and maintain the image and wardrobe you love. 

Most people who can use some guidance find a service package is the right fit. Help with choosing, or a custom program, are always available. Simply request a get to know you session.



VISION: A Globally Sustainable Fashion Industry

MISSION: Transforming the Fashion Industry from Mass Production to Local Customization, while enabling women to feel comfortable in their own skin. 

VALUES: Connection, Innovation, Body Positivity, Sustainability, Feminine Leadership.



Andrea is like a style architect. She is intelligent, knowledgeable about fashion and has an amazing light spirit. Andrea is very helpful, she will help draw out your own style and take it up a notch. I definitely feel like I am the 2.0 version, still myself, but even better.
— Susan
What fun it was to work with Andrea as we shopped my wardrobe! I love to repurpose my clothes and increase their value given my mindset of price per wearing. She gave me new ways to wear my own clothing, how to refresh my closet, and what might be potential purchases in order to be a wise shopper. She can help you find new looks for your personal style, I would highly recommend you give her a chance and see for yourself.
— Connie
My big hurdle was shopping. Choosing any item of clothing was like a brain teaser. What do I “need” – will I “love it” – is the fit “right.” Fashion Your Life helped me develop a style statement to alleviate the indecision. Now when something that catches my eye and I’m not quite sure if it will fit my wardrobe, I just recall my mantra and ask: “is it super-classy-swagalistic-extremely-ferocious?!” The answer always clarifies my decision, and I only take home treasures that I feel awesome wearing.
— Heather
Andrea helped me review my wardrobe, to find the pieces that aligned with my personal brand. She even went shopping with me! Now when I walk in to a store, I know exactly which clothes to try on and which ones to pass up. She’s helped me avoid those impulse buys and instead make purchases that I will keep forever. An amazing service - especially in the New Year and spirit of KonMari.
— Danika
Andrea helped me cut through the noise and find what was most important to me in how I presented myself and provided strategies for continuing to build and evolve my look to fit my life and personality. I greatly enjoyed her positive and thoughtful approach to personal style and appreciated her patience with me as someone who was largely clueless about fashion and clothing and only a vaguely knew what I wanted!
— Mel
Andrea’s no-nonsense approach allowed for a ‘seamless’ session, where she got straight to the point and helped me establish my sense of style and wardrobe needs. Her expertise and knowledge about fabrics, style and wardrobe organization had me feeling comfortable and fully trusting in her suggestions in what to purge and in what items to buy. Andrea treated me like a close friend and I was immediately impressed by her professionalism.
— Lara


What's our Purpose here?

Everyone has a unique inner beauty, and an outward facing image.

At Fashion Your Life, we believe the connection between who we are and how we express our individual selves should be authentic. It seems easy, but often the link is broken by the unrealistic ideals of traditional media and fast fashion.

We are the alternative.


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