Style Coaching

Style Statement Development 

Not quite sure where to start? Looking for a north star to help guide you? If you want more direction with your personal style, developing your personal style statement will ease your concerns. Think of it as a handy tool that will help guide you in making future fashion decisions. Book an online session today to get started.

$45/30 mins or $75/hour (please note, one hour minimum is required for first timers)

Shopping Excursions 

We're not just window shopping here. We'll spend time seeking and evaluating clothing to fills gaps in your wardrobe while complimenting your body and personal style. Whether you want an all-over refresh, a special outfit for that special occasion, or a second opinion, you'll be left with choices that look and feel so great you'll want to wear them all the time.

As a seasoned style pro, I see the shopping experience through a different lens, and will alleviate your personal and common shopping frustrations. You'll also learn to enjoy solo, stress-free shopping more too. You should try it! An affordable, quick-results service with long-term results. 

$150 for an afternoon (sorry, for now this offer is local only)

Work your wardrobe

Wish you could get more mileage from your clothing? Looking for new ways to wear what you love? A wardrobe package will take your style from woe to wow!

Services include:


Shopping Your Closet

We'll take a look at the clothes you have and have fun putting together new looks. We'll likely discover some key items you may be missing to complete and extend your looks. 

clearing the clutter

Not sure if something is worth hanging onto? I'll help you organize things in a way that not only suits your lifestyle, but makes it easy to see what really works and what needs to go. 

Methods for maintenance

Simple tools will keep your wardrobe satisfaction going. From how to care for and repair clothing, to at-home alterations (if you want to do them) and up-cycling. I'll show you tips and techniques to continue portraying the real you.

$275 and typically takes 4-5 hours (sorry, for now this offer is local only)

DIY session

If you are a novice sewer and learn best with hands experience, this is a fun way to bring your skills to the next level while actively adding personalized pieces to your wardrobe. Typically following a Work your Wardrobe session, we work together to alter, up-cycle and design pieces using your existing wardrobe. You will come out of this session with new pieces and new skills to apply to future sewing projects. 

$175 for an afternoon (sorry, for now this offer is local only)


Garment Artistry

Custom Design

My hand-made service harnesses your specific style and delivers exciting new clothing with the highest level of fit, construction and sewing. Ask for a quote.



Holding onto that piece that no longer fits but you love so much? Have something with sentimental value that still brings you joy? Or maybe theres something sitting in your closet that you think is pretty cool but you've never gotten around to wearing it and are not sure why. Let's get creative and use it to create a totally one-of-a-kind piece.


In at the waist, patched at the knee, a pocket here, there, and everywhere? Let me know what simple change or repair you need. Price and turn-around upon request.