The world goes around

I've never been 'good' with money...I'm learning to be great!

I never had much of it growing up.
Then I ran away from not having it.
Then I pretended to have it.
Then I had some.
And spent more than I had.

As I correct the err of my ways,
I won't ask for money,
I want to earn my money,
I want to learn my money.
How to be with money.
Otherwise I'll never learn how to be one with money.
How to be at peace with money.

Does money make the world go around?
In a human sense, yes...
Money equates to value.
Value is internal, intrinsic, and in depth.

The value of each and every human is what creates the world we live in.
The product of our being, doing, and breathing.
Our sweat, tears, pains and learnings.
The product of our service or creations, has value.

Does money make the world go round?
Well, I vote with my dollar.
I vote with my dollar on products and services.
I vote with my dollar on other peoples offerings.
I vote therefore I am of value,
I vote with my dollar on things of value.
As I float on this ball going around and around.

What am I voting for?
The answer is deep inside.
Money is of value, a value.
Money is a voting system.
Money is its own product and service.
I vote with my dollar on value itself.

Money is my teacher, my value.
I strive to be at one with my value,
And to peacefully share these values.

Since it makes the world go round,
Is it money, or is it value?
To me they are intrinsically the same,
Yet frequently treated so very differently.

And here we are floating on this ball of earth,
As the world goes around...what adds value to your life?

Andrea Cameron