Take a Vacation

Once in awhile...and often enough.

I'm a firm believer in taking vacations and I am currently re-building my life in a way so that I can have as much vacation time as I want. Sounds too good to be true right? My theory is to take vacation when you want, otherwise you are going to need it because you have burnout and thus making your vacation less enjoyable. Some people even end up telling themselves that they can't possibly take it, that it will hurt others or the business they are working with. Listen, things keep going without you, whether you like it or not, and the important things will be there when you get back. Plus, those people you think it might hurt, they WANT you to take a vacation.

It's when you don't take a vacation that you end up hurting yourself and the people around you, not to mention your health and overall quality of life. Quality relaxation time, in whatever format one may choose, can not be replaced. Really though, if nothing else just find a way to turn the pressure cooker off and take some time to simply enjoy being human. Vacation adds perspective, if nothing else, and we are all a work in progress.

Now, part of the reality I am creating for myself is that I do not equate time with money. In other words, working harder and longer hours does not mean I make more money. Quite the opposite, working smarter and allowing myself to refuel when I need to will allow me to remain valuable to those I am working with and being of service to. This can be applied to anyone who is self employed as well as those working for someone else, the difference is in how one talks to themselves and what one chooses to believe. Perhaps this is another post, so I'll go back to talking about vacation time.

I love my work and what I am creating for myself and the world, otherwise I would not be doing it. In order to do the work I was meant to do, I need to love myself and take time for the people in my direct circle of influence. Taking vacation time allows me to spend time with my loved ones, this first and foremost includes my husband, my three family circles, and my dearest of friends.

Last month was the first time we had all our immediate family together in one place. It was a special occasion, being our 10 year anniversary. Since we got eloped 10 years prior, we were renewing our vows and wanted our immediate family to be with us.

I approached it the way I would anything else, looking forward to the time spent together and the memories we would make, while taking care of myself and building up my energy reserves so I could spend as much time with them as they wanted.

While people were here there were surprises, stories and experiences to be had, and everyone got along swimmingly. I was incredibly warmed by the presence of my family members and them having the time to connect with each other. I learned how to be an adult daughter, along with where the line needs to be drawn, and some new things for myself and my life are starting to show themselves.

What surprised me is how long it took me to get things back on track after everyone left, whether the amount of preparation done was not enough or that is simply the reality moving forward, I know I need to have some serious downtime after such a big event in the future.

One thing I have reflected on is how blessed I am to have the family I do, and I was not able to show as much gratitude as I so wished. I guess that is where thank-you cards come in, at least a tiny piece of it. I want to be able to give, share and provide for my family when the moment arises. Having been around them and in such abundance has provided me with a clearer direction on my life and financial goals, helping me see what I truly want during this lifetime. I will be taking some meaningful actions towards this vision in the very near future.

Life knows no boundaries, only we do. So it's up to us to break those barriers down, or climb over the walls, expanding our horizons and leaping to great distances and heights. Going places we never before thought possible. We can't do it alone, and we certainly do not need to.

Taking vacation time inspires me, especially when I take the time to connect with loved ones. If you haven't done it for awhile I strongly recommend it. Your loved ones (and co-workers) will thank-you!

What do you want to do with your next vacation time? Please share in the comments below.

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