Life is persistent

I've had a lot on my mind lately, namely related to purpose and perceived barriers. As I was walking today I saw these little sprouts on the top of a cemented fence, and was quickly reminded of how persistent life is. As the saying goes, if we are not changing we are dying.

It may not always be straight and narrow, and sometimes its just an uphill battle...there's one thing it always is, and that is persistent. Life never gives up, at least not until we do. It is always trying to tell us, show us or teach us something. We just need to keep listening.

I also attempted to make a video blog today, that did not work out (yet). I've accepted that my voice sounds the way it does and I look the way I do, I've started to figure out the camera angles and what I need to say, yet I want it to be impromptu, authentic, and overall feel less staged. So I continue to play with it...all in due time.

And then there is the F word, Fashion...

I recently watched The True Cost, a documentary on Netflix. It explores the true cost of garment manufacturing, especially as it relates to fast fashion and the real impact it has on people around the world. People we so easily pay no attention to, in exchange for a quick fix. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it and strongly encourage you to watch it. Having worked in the industry for so long, I've visited several of the countries and even talked to some of the people highlighted that are taking a stand and making a difference.

I do buy a large portion of my clothing second hand from thrift shops, consignment shops, vintage shops and Varage Sale. I will continue to do so, yet when I want something new I will be looking for things that are fair trade, eco friendly, organic or locally made. Since I have the ability to make pretty much anything and bins full of fabric and trims, I will also be making more of my own clothes. This is something I use to do way more than I do today. If and when I ever design a clothing line, it will follow most, if not all, of these guidelines.

There are a number of items in my wardrobe that I have bought new and wear on a regular basis that follow the above guidelines. These would be my Second Yoga Jeans, my Flatter:me belt and this gorgeous Alpaca Wool blend coat from the Indigenous clothing label. Yet, there are a couple specific items fitting of these guidelines that do not get any wear. I look at them and wonder what I was thinking, knowing I was caught up in the beautiful story behind each piece. As I continue to refine my personal style and work towards a minimalist wardrobe, I will be gifting, selling or donating these pieces that no longer serve me.

As I continue to learn more about the healthy side of the fashion industry, I am certain it will keep growing due to increased demand. As more options become available to the masses, my own message will continue to be refined. This is life after all, and we all find ourselves in this perpetual state of growth. Life happens in the learning, when persistence and purpose cross paths.

Starting April 18th I will be participating in #whomademyclothes week, a movement instigated by I encourage you to join me.

Andrea Cameron