Improv for Life

I like to think of life as it relates to the study of theatrical improvisation.

The only rule of improv is 'yes, and...' In the context of life, there is only what is right in front of us and it is begging for a yes and...

I recommend the study of improv to anyone, I have studied it several times and always learn something, every time I come out of my shell just that little bit more. It allows me to feel more comfortable in my skin, in the moment, and free to express myself. There are a handful of things that allow me to do this, all of them creative, most of them performance or art focused. I have continued to build upon this list my entire life, and I will continue to do so until the day I die.

Yes, and... There is always more.

Yes, and... Improv has a sense of play. It is a great reminder to live in the present moment and not take life so seriously. A reminder to do the things we love, spend time with people we care about and create lasting memories.

Yes, and... Fashion is something that is not to be taken seriously. If you are curious about a new style idea, look into it and play around. Try it on, enjoy it and use it as a form of expression. That's what it is there for after all. Wear it proudly as new avenues of your self are discovered. 

Yes, and... Same goes for life, and what you choose to do with yours. What are you trying on in life right now? Is there something you are holding back from, or something you have a preconceived notion about? 

How would it feel to improv a little? Just start with 'yes, and' and see what comes up.

Andrea Cameron