Develop Thyself...and keep going!

I'm a self confessed development junkie. I was doing personal self development work long before it was trendy, so I'm certainly not going to stop after the trend has slowed back to its natural pace. 

Yesterday I (re)watched Simon Sinek's Ted Talk 'Start with Why' in preparation for a Women's Leadership Circle meeting this Friday. Then I watched the documentary 'Miss Representation on Netflix, which gave me all the emotions. I partook in Dawn Clark's Re-Code Your DNA Live Q&A session, and got sizeably inspired to create more change. I contemplated how I am going to roll out the new actions I have committed to, that which are in line with getting what I really want, as per Marie Forleo's Insider Perks. Then I reminded myself that I still need to create a customized report for a client of mine, and that I need to correlate my notes from a workshop planning session earlier this week, all things I love to do! This will all be done by weeks end at the latest. This week has been monumental for me in discovering what I want and now I am taking the steps required to get it, and that's just this week.

As my dear friend Astaria of @Light.of.Sound pointed out: I program myself, much like a robot, insert nickname B.B. the Robot. This 'programming of self' is required for someone who is living from a core belief of Constantly Evolving. If you knew me some time ago, you knew me then, not now. This is also the approach I take to everyone I encounter in my life as well, since the time has changed, may have as well. However big or small of an impact we have on each others lives, it matters to be present to what is so, right now. I like to believe that everyone is capable of BIG change, getting what they want, and leading a fully expressed life. I look at people with that optimism in every interaction I have, it's my default mode, my factory settings. Since that optimism comes with a healthy dose of direct honesty, some people may not know how to read me, especially upon first meeting me. It's true, I have had now close friends tell me as much, and this has happened many times. I like to think of myself as an #eternaloptimist, while others may see me as #insertadjectivehere. The only thing that matters is that it does not matter.

Right now I am calling more personal action into my life, magical creations realized with velocity. Reflection and planning are still required for me to perform optimally, however I am recognizing how they can keep me small and withholding. Enter...structure, with loads of room to play. Intentionally amplifying this years intentions of Magic, Creation and Velocity creates more movement and bigger shifts.

Today I slept in, and it felt grrrreeat! I never feel guilty for sleeping in, plus, I really needed it. I am doing my best to accomplish all the things that matter today, before heading out to a local speaker series event. I am looking forward to being inspired, connecting with the 1 person I know will be there, and meeting some new people. 

How are you playing (at life) today, this week, next month? Start where you are and work your way through the clutter. The goal is to be playing the game YOU want to, not someone else's. And above all else, remember to love, BIG love!

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