A piece of art

Thank-you body, for being strong and beautiful. Thank-you for carting me around this wondrous globe that I yet have so much more of to explore. Thank-you for providing me with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I'm not going to 'break the internet' with a nude photo of myself or anything, that is simply not a behaviour I condone. I would LOVE to be able to quickly sketch out some glorious artful self portrait. I've dabbled in various art forms my whole life, having not mastered one. I shall make an attempt, let's see what results from that shall we?

Artist is not a label I put on myself, or more correctly it is not a part of myself I share easily. Yet, I am indeed an artist in my own right. It takes a fair amount of creativity, which comes from a willingness to try new things, and put yourself out there. It also just takes patience, and of course, practice.

If one is practicing anything then they are indeed an artist of the thing they are practicing. The key differentiator is the extent to which one OWNS their practice, and how it shows up in their world. It shows up when you take notice, and recognize that you are a part of the tribe. It shows up in your word, when those words are first considered then shared freely. It shows up when you continue to practice, with your fellow humans, on this beautiful globe we call earth. It shows up aplenty during this once in a lifetime dance.

It's pretty straight and simple when you really stop and think about it. Who are you as an artist? What does your dance look like?

Now, let's see how I did with that sketch...

I've always loved working with charcoal, however sporadically. I previously dabbled mostly with compressed charcoal, and various degrees of graphite. This was done with a General's Woodless Graphite 97-6B, something I picked up recently. The sketch it quite small at approx. 13cm tall x 8cm wide, or 5" tall x 3" wide. Maybe one day I'll play around with some vine and willow charcoal, it looks so magical.

I know a piece is done when I have captured the essence I had in mind before I began. I am grateful for my body and everything it provides me, and I honour it by practicing a favoured art form that brings me joy.

Things brings me fulfillment and wholeness. I have only ever done one self portrait before now, and it was of my face. Through this simple connection of art and body, I am able to see so much more of who I am and what I have to offer.

How do you connect?

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