7 Powerful ways to show up in Life

STOP comparing and start Fashioning your own damn life! This is the thought that keeps running through my head. Sometimes I want to scream it to someone I meet and yet it's more a reminder to myself than anything else. If it sounds harsh, it's likely personal and requires some reflection.

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Comparing, we all do it, it's human nature. I do it all the time, and I am constantly reminding myself that I am enough, I have enough and I have something to offer. It still creeps into my psyche, especially when I don't want it to and even when I least expect it. Those thoughts of self doubt, not good enough and living from comparison instead of living in my own damn truth.

Life is messy, life gets in the way, and things are often left incomplete. Goals are missed, or more accurately not even made. Not only does life still happen, life is in the messiness.

I have been finding the more I am able to let go of knowing the 'how', allowing myself to show up anyways and offer my expertise, the easier things are. It's like the universe is laying out a red carpet for me to walk down, and all I need to do is strut my stuff. Strutting helps me connect with the value I have to offer, and the importance of feeling good about oneself. I don't know about you but when I feel good, I flaunt more.

I have let go of the notion that owning up to my greatness means I have too big of an ego or that I am bragging or conceited. You know what? I am pretty freaking fantastic! Who am I to dim my light? Who am I to stay small and meek when that is not serving the world? I have let my awesomeness stay hidden for long enough, and I feel more balanced when I let it shine. 

I am out to change the world dammit, I know you are too so let's do this together!

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Here are a few ways that have helped me show up for myself, and shift my perspective to have me stand in my power.  Some of them may be very familiar to you, read on for my own dash of sassafrass. If they resonate with you in any way, I ask that you comment and let me know what is coming up for you. If you feel compelled, please share this post with your friends as well.

Always know, you are enough.

#1 Show Up! All we really need to do is show up. Showing up requires that we be ever present, using fertile listening and giving our focus and attention to those we are in direct conversation with. Showing up means we show up even when we may not feel like it. It may mean more to someone else then you can know at the time, or it may even mean more for your business. Showing up means we let go of our excuses and be the person we want to be for ourselves. Showing up means loving ourselves enough to show up! Go ahead and show up for yourself.

#2 Learn... always be learning. Life is about learning, and we have a multitude of opportunities every day to learn something new. I actually believe the purpose in life is to learn, you are free to disagree. I think it is a pretty great purpose so why not go along with it and see what shows up. Some simple and effective ways to learn each day are to a) listen intently b) ask questions, inquire about something you don't already know about and c) ask for feedback.

#3 Be of Service. Ask a business partner how you can help them, volunteer in your community, offer a friend a helping hand. There are countless ways to be of service. It feels good and it gives back in ways you can't anticipate. Find a purpose or something you enjoy, look for people you enjoy spending time with. Offer to help and see how it makes you feel. Remember to take the time afterwards to appreciate the impact it has made on you.

#4 Self Care. By now you have heard this time and time again, so it is nothing new. But are you doing it yet? It is easy to look at self care as frivolous and it's common to put others' needs before our own. Self care can show up any number of ways, ultimately you are in charge of what it looks like. What's important is allowing yourself to take the time required for self care, especially when you don't feel like you 'deserve' it. I'll be honest, I'm not quite there yet. It's not an easy transition and it is worth it. The learnings along the way are worth it alone, let alone the multitude of benefits.

#5 Experiment. Try something new. Take a Risk. Play! I encourage my clients to do this all the time, play is essential for our health and well being and we are quick to forget it. Play can seem childish or unnecessary, yet the benefits and rewards are endless. Play encourages new ideas, attracts interesting people, and livens the senses.

#6 Do it Anyways. This is what I would tell my 21 year old self. My 21 year old self let fear of the unknown stop her from doing what she truly loved. She let the opinions of others hold her back from her own internal happiness. She thought she needed to 'follow the yellow brick road' when that which fuelled her was down the red brick road all along. Here I am, walking along the red brick rode. Do it anyways, I tell my 38 year old self now. Do it anyways!

#7 Let it go! I know, I know and really, let it the f*ck go! I've done this, I've had that, yeah yeah, and... Play along with me for a moment: Imagine you are holding onto something in your hand, you grip it as hard as humanly possible, then you just... let it go... away it falls, or flies, or dies. That's what happens when we choose to let go of things in our lives, a metamorphosis of sorts. Space opens up in areas we couldn't have imagined previously. We hold onto these things inside of us every day, what you do with yours is your choice. Letting the ones that no longer serve us go is better for all parties involved, trust.

Life unfolds when we let it. This doesn't mean to let go of who we are, it means to let go of that which is no longer serving us. Let go of the fears, doubts, and brussels sprouts. Face life with a smile and delight in all that is available to learn from. It means savour every buttery moment. It means jump for joy and love always. It means, carve your path and do it your own damn way. It means to Fashion Your own Damn Life! It means what you say it means!


In heeding my own advice, I feel like I'm on a spaceship. I'm headed to a foreign land, the ride is real bumpy, I don't know how to get there and it feels incredible. It's going to be a wild and fabulous ride, I enjoy seeing your face along the way. Love, always.

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