A Fashion Revolution Update

I participated in FashionRevolution's #whomademyclothes? campaign back in April. I posted outfits on 4 of the days, and I can't say I got any direct responses. It goes to show how much growth and learning can be applied for next time. I certainly did see an active community of people involved in the campaign throughout social media, and at least one of the brands I called out participated on some level #flattermebelts

Here are the outfits/collages I posted on those 4 days.

It was an interesting experiment for me, to follow a campaign like this. I would like to participate in more things like this, purposeful campaigns related to the world of fashion, style and beauty. Especially as it relates to sustainability, human equality and self acceptance. If you know of something you think I may be interested in, simply note it in the comments below.

Part of my purpose for doing what I do is to change the conversation we have about ourselves and how we relate to the fashion, style and beauty industries. Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, I have seen and experienced first hand just how trapped one can feel. As women, what the mass media and mega industries portray, to and for us, affects us deeply and we often do not even know it. We need to talk more about these things, uncovering the truths hidden inside us all, speaking louder and gaining confidence in doing so, while developing and nurturing a community of love and support.

As these conversations continue to unfold, I will continue to use and develop my voice to amplify these important and powerful messages. Notice how I said 'use' before 'develop', since taking action is the most effective way to develop something, my intention is to DO before perfecting. Otherwise, I get caught up in the fascinating world of analysis paralysis, and OIGH it's not fun.

Your words create your life...what will you be saying?

Andrea CameronComment