Garbage In, Garbage Out

It's a cycle.

As a society we intake garbage all the time. With fast food into our bodies, fast fashion into our wardrobes and cheap plastics into our household. Just to name a few.

Then it goes out... out of ourselves, for others to see, and into the landfill. Or more accurately garbage island, if you are not sure what I am referring to, google it.

So...garbage in, garbage out.

What often goes unnoticed is how this garbage affects us energetically.

Perhaps this 'energy talk' seems other worldly to some. I encourage you to try living in that other world for a few minutes. After all, it is often when we see something we would describe as 'out of this world' that we are amazed and inspired. Imagine the possibilities. 

Garbage is wasteful, so the intake of garbage is a waste of resources, space and energy. It steals from our natural resources on all accounts and works to counter any sustainable actions we may have taken. This waste not only robs us of our energy, it takes away from the value we have to offer. It bogs down and dilutes our message, dragging us down with it. It is a distraction from what really matters, and any positive side effects we experience are temporary and quickly dissipate. It forces us to deal with shit (quite literally) that is not a part of who we truly are. This shit is not in line with what we have to offer the world, and we all have something to offer the world. If you think otherwise, I assert the fact that you are mistaken and you need to look beyond what you already know. Every single one of us has a purpose, and it is up to each and every one of us to identify with it, and share it proudly.

So...How do we intake less garbage in everything we do? Let's redesign our thinking on this one, starting the purification process. What new habits need to be formed? Something simple and easy to do. What new ways of thinking can we adopt? Turning off the self sabotaging thoughts and coming face to face with our fears. Instead of being dragged down with it, how do we face and work through our dark matter? 

What's your answer...please let me know in the comments below. 

Andrea CameronComment