3 ways to fail

Hurry up and fail already.

Every single day I see people who don't allow themselves to fail. Not only is the outside world putting pressure on us to succeed, but the pressure we often put on ourselves is ten fold. Whether it be our careers, our family or our looks, the pressure to 'measure up' keeps building. Since we are a product of our combined experiences, failure is a part of who we are. Without failure, we do not succeed. I would even go so far as to say, without failure, we cease to exist.

So, what would it be like to #giveyourselfpermission to fail? Let's imagine a world...

1) Acceptance

It's always the first step, isn't it? Well, it rings true for a reason. The sooner we are able to accept our failures, the more learning that is ahead of us. There are many meanings to life, and TO LEARN is one that I believe in. Accept that you are a failure, accept your failures, and accept yourself. Through acceptance you will find a way not only to accept your failures, but to celebrate them. In kind, we can celebrate others.

2) Admit Defeat

Part of acceptance is to that you have lost, that you were wrong, or simply that you failed. There is something in this practice that allows us to move on. Maybe it frees up space in the mind, giving us one less thing to worry about. Or perhaps it lightens our load, freeing up our energy. We need to be moving ahead in order to create change and succeed, so having more brain power and energy will speed things up. The more often we admit defeat, the sooner we will succeed.

3) Ask for help.

The sheer nature of asking someone else for help can imply failure. At the same time, it puts you in a position to get the help you need to move beyond said failure. When asked what you need help with, step into the moment and reply with something you are failing at right now. 

It could be as simple as this:
YOU: I need help
FRIEND: With what?
YOU: How to ask for help

See what happens. It's an experiment, much like life.

Expectations... let's take a moment to look at them and how they relate to failure. Whether we communicate them or not, the more expectations we have, the more likely we are to fail at meeting those expectations. Whether they are our own or someone else's, expectations set us up for failure. I am not saying don't have any, although it may be worth checking them at the door. Goals? Sure. Vision? Heck yeah! Expectations? No thanx. I aim to live with little or no expectations, remaining open to what may come my way. I regularly fail at this goal, which is how I know I am succeeding in the long run.

You are going to fail, it's as simple as that. Each moment you are able to recognize the frequency and depth of your failures, thats a moment you will start to truly succeed.


Andrea CameronComment