Putting my 'House' in order

I amaze myself with how good I am at 'gathering', so good in fact that I started to get lost in the piles and I started to feel like I was drowning. One can get caught up in the undertow, being provided with a multitude of distractions. This started to take me away from the outside world and my bigger picture. This is not where I want to be...so.

The de-cluttering had to happen, it has been beckoning me for some time now. Having mastered the art of organization after years of practice and professional education on the topic, I figured it's time to pick up my own socks in this department and do another run through.

It started with my email. As I switch from the yahoo account I have had for ages, and finally join the masses with my gmail account, I have opted to keep my yahoo account for newsletters. You know, the address you use to sign up for free content like webinars, e-books and courses. Basically, any free content that people on the interwebs so lovingly provide. That way I have one place I can go to when I am looking for outside information.

Then, I circled over to my stacks of papers and booklets. To give you an idea, I have a notebook for daily use, my business plan book, my scanner daybook, on my bedside table, the one in my bag for events outside of home. Then there are my notes in my phone, on my computer, in my email, on my household notepad, and tacked up to my bulletin board, I think you get the picture. Basically, I'm always writing things down, and sending them to myself when applicable. I mean, I don't want to miss the next brilliant idea, right!?! I had just bought a new notebook, and it was the catalyst for minimizing and getting rid of the clutter.

All the while, I've been editing my closet full of projects and piles of fabric. I need to have another go at this with a different and more practical approach. I don't want to keep lugging these things around if they do not serve towards my greater purpose, and I know some of them most certainly do. So, as I compile things and review what their purpose is, I will be making an action plan that goes along with the things I choose to keep. 

Which brings me to me wardrobe... Currently I have a big pile of stuff, lets call it what it is shall we, an eyesore. I will continue to post these things on Varage Sale in hopes of selling them for a fraction of their cost. What I do not sell over a flexible period of time will be donated. Some things have already been selected for gifting to others who I know will appreciate them, things I care about and want to ensure they end up in a home where they will be cared for. This pile of things has already come out of my wardrobe, yet my wardrobe sits there pleading to be edited once more. Through this process, I am learning what clothes I want to own over the course of a full year and what I need to make these items more versatile in different climates. I am also finding the obvious gaps in my wardrobe. Having sorted everything by level of dress, it is much easier to get dressed for the day. Keeping in mind, I have already gotten rid of every item that does not match with my personal style statement.

All the while I have been doing this, over the course of weeks, I have been reviewing my habits and peak performance patterns. What I have come up with so far is a list of categories that represent the most important things I need to take care of throughout the course of a week. My needs being based on what moves me forward, towards my bigger picture goals and aspirations. I tried to create an actual daily and weekly schedule to follow but it never worked as different things come up each day and week. I also tried to cram each category into a week and that also does not work, since my focus each week is a little different. This makes perfect sense considering I need a good chunk of time to focus on something and see it through to completion. I have an unsettled feeling when too many things are not complete, all of which was adding to the clutter. This area is an ongoing project...

What has been working so far is having pockets of things that fulfill me and finding time within each day to do these things. For example, when I get up, it fulfills me to get ready, eat and meditate right away. This has not become a daily ritual quite yet, so I keep practicing. I have also started a gratitude journal of sorts, I write it in when I remember and I write both what I am grateful for and what is working. As I do this I am creating new neural pathways in my brain, ones that are more in line with what I really want in life. 

The next thing I will be focusing on is rearranging my home office space so it is more inviting and useful. I already have a plan written out and it is utilizing things I already own. It's just a matter of carving out the time and doing some heavy lifting, sooner than later. As life moves, shifts and changes, putting my house in order is always a work in progress, and that is ok. 

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