I believe in human rights

Being a woman, having a mental disorder, having a different sexual preference, having a different skin color, coming from a different culture, this is an unexhaustive list of things that have social stigmas attached to them. And yet they are all attributed to being human. 

Who you are does not need to be celebrated by everyone, it DOES need to be celebrated by your tribe.

I do not consider myself an activist, yet it is the activist that 'fights for their rights'. Their HUMAN rights. Maybe it's because I've never considered myself a fighter, and I've always believed in peace, joy and unity. Activists may push what they represent in your face, time and time again. Perhaps it is because they are strong, perhaps they are just acting out what they have learned from being rejected their whole life, and perhaps they simply know it helps change the mental construct of society. They are not asking you to celebrate with them. From the outside looking in, they are asking for acceptance and basic human rights. 

The question is, do you stop and consider their position? You know, put yourself in their shoes. Or better yet, consider your privilege and gain some perspective. Now how about consideration of changing a stance you have held onto so firmly up until this point? Even if it is simply to understand, without necessarily needing to take a stand. I'm looking at everyone, myself included.

Ultimately, it comes down to the answer to that question. Am I willing to consider changing my stance, my perspective, my point of view? We could even go so far as to say that if everyone asked this of THEMselves, instead of each other, that we would be living on a planet with an expedited rate of human evolution. A planet where humans live in peace with each other. Where every single human recognizes who they are, shares that freely without judgement, AND allows others to do the same.

So how does one go about this? One way is to find your tribe, then go on being your beautiful human self. Personally, I find my fellow red pant wearers and spark a connection. 

How do you bring peace, joy and unity to your little part of the world?

Andrea CameronComment