I have been wanting to start making videos for some time now. Having gotten over hearing the sound of my own voice on tape, kinda, it's time. I even have a video challenge sitting in my inbox waiting for me to complete, from the one and only virtual video director Sarah Michelle Brown. Seriously though #shesawesome If you are looking for help making videos, she is the person to look to.

I am writing about it in hopes that it provides some accountability. Also, I am thinking that I could choose between writing here and making a video on any given day. That way, I will have some variety in my options each day and I'll start to build up my practice and skill in video making. 

I don't expect my videos will be very polished, at least not to start, and I may not share them right away either. At the very least I can get the practice going to gain confidence and learn along the way. As nerve wracking as it is to think about, I think I am going to enjoy it quite a bit.

I have made 2 videos to date, both of them contest entries. I believe they can still be found on YouTube. I had fun using some basic editing software with one of them. Both of them were scripted and by the umpteenth take I felt pretty confident in what I was saying. Since then I have had some minimal training and learned some valuable tips and practice on making videos. 

I'm always keen to learn something new, and there's always something that catches my attention. Since I have a pretty solid practice with drawing and sewing everyday, along with writing here I am going to add videos into the mix. Eventually, I'll take time to figure out how to channel it all through my website for a one stop experience, with visuals ;)

What's caught your eye lately that are you thinking of trying out? Is there something new you are practicing? Perhaps it is something you aren't quite confident to share yet, perhaps it is something you are on route to mastery with, or anything in between... Maybe it is a new exercise, recipe, or craft. I'd love to know in the comments below.

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