How to BE wealthy

Wealthy is a state of mind. I am still building mine, and I'd like to share where I am at now and what I am doing to build it.

I often hear the words 'I am broke' or in my case 'I can't afford that'. I am tired of hearing that run through my head, I want the freedom to be able to afford what I want when I want it. While luxuries are allowed, my wants are not frivolous by any means. My wants are to better serve me and the people I care about so we can all care for the community at large. 

Here are some simple steps to follow to help create wealth for yourself and your life. 

1) Recognize your seed of doubt... your negative self talk... your gremlin. Notice your broken bits, see the fractures, pay attention to what shows up. Often it shows up as a short phrase that plays on automatic, its so fast it's easy to miss. As I have said, mine is 'I can't afford that'. There may be more than one, pick one to get started. 

2) Once you have recognized it, be kind to yourself. There's no use beating yourself up about it. Notice what it feels like and what you do afterwards. When I hear myself say 'I can't afford that', I feel a slump in my shoulders, like something has fallen down and I can't hold it up. My energy lowers, I stop engaging, I feel less than.

3) Break the cycle, switch the script. This takes time, and practice, and reminders. Do what works for you. Since I am largely a visual learner, I write things down when they come to me so I can refer to them in my memory later. I make notes anywhere that is available, my phone, a notebook, the back of a receipt... and I rarely ever refer back to my actual notes. Now when I encounter something that I can not afford in the moment, it is starting to show up as 'I can afford that if I really want it' or 'how do I get that into my life'. I get creative and resourceful. Pick the pieces up and start with #1, YOU! Create a new pathway, walk along it.

4) Take ownership! OWN your mistakes. Clean up your past, ask for forgiveness, forgive those who have hurt you. You don't know what you don't know, admit that you don't know things, say 'I don't know' when you don't know. Honestly though, this is part of breaking the cycle and in order to create space for the new, you need to clean up that which is weighing you down. It is an ongoing process, this part never ends, this is where the learning lives, it's the juice that fuels your growth. In the end, it always comes back to your part in the matter, you are the common denominator in your own life. Take ownership, so you can OWN your life and create the life of your dreams. Do the work, it is worth it!

5) Build yourself up. Brag a little. Share what you have to offer out in the world. After all, it's not really bragging if it's true. Change the script out loud with other people, preferably in person. I am now asking 'what do I need to do to make __ happen' and reaching out to the professionals that can point me in the right direction. We have this life to share with the world, and we each have something special to offer. What is your special something? I am certain there are several.

6) See your value. That special something... it is pretty dang special! We are all unicorns, anyone who claims there is just one has it all upside down. Whatever it is that you have to offer, it has a value that only you can claim. Often it shows up in other peoples words. If you have a hard time with this, ask the people closest to you, or the people you spend the most time with, or the people you trust the most. Ask them what your special something is, and pay attention to what you hear over and over again. You may be surprised at what different people will have to say, and you will start to see a common thread. Certain things will start to resonate and ring true to your being. Pay attention to those truths, focus your energy on them and nurture them as they blossom within you.

7) Share your value with others. Pay attention to what people need, and make an offering. Offer it freely and see the rewards. I love to volunteer my time with community organizations and events that speak to my personal interests. It allows me to connect with all sorts of amazing people, growing my network. I also get to share what I am up to, practice sharing my skills and gifts, and obtain professional guidance from all sorts of incredible people along the way. 

8) Ask for what you need. We truly don't need much to get by in this world. I am not talking about 'stuff', we have an abundance of 'stuff' that we do not need. Pay attention to your relationship with stuff and start to ask for what it is you truly need. What do you need to nourish your soul? What do you need to flourish? What do you need to be your best self and share that with the world? Ask for that! Remember to be specific, and once you have asked forget about it. Instead of sounding like a broken record, move on and play another record. What you need will always show up right when you need it. 

9) Cherish life, cherish every moment. Stop and smell the roses. Practice Gratitude, and being grateful. LOVE BIG, tell the people who matter to you that you love them. Show up! Practice honouring you and your gifts. Above all, remember to play, have fun, and embrace all that life has to offer. 

I know it sounds simple... and it really is. Commit to living a life of abundance and create the wealth you truly want. One step at a time.

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