The year Halloween was missed

on pretty much all accounts...

I didn't dress up, my friends went out on the weekend without me, I didn't buy any Halloween candy. On the other hand, I didn't look for things to do for Halloween, I didn't plan to do anything ahead of time. I need to plan. 

What I did was inquire and learn more about a future opportunity, discuss ideas with trusted tribe members, plan for the future, get really excited about the abundance of opportunities in front of me, share my hope and dreams, realize my deep rooted potential, and nurture all kids of wonderful relationships. 

I have absolutely nothing to complain about, not that I want to. I love my life, I have amazing people close to me, people I love, people that love and support me. I love myself, and not in some ego centric 'I'm gonna say it all the time' kind of way, in the uber healthy, super solid, I know who I am and I unapologetically stand in my Being, sort of way. 'I'm fucking fabulous' and it's AOK to know it, I just have no need to throw it around everywhere, that kind of behaviour serves no one and impacts many. My love resonates from the core of my being. My love for all things life has to offer.

I have so much to be grateful for. What are you great-full for? ;)

Andrea CameronComment