Garments with a Story

Let this be known as the official beginning. The idea. 

Imagine your garment has a story, as they all do. Not just any story, one that is traceable, a visual story. Perhaps even down to the fabric, the fibre, the plant or animal it grew from... Imagine.

It may seem like a dream, or you may even find yourself questioning the relevancy. I beg to question the relevancy of anything, isn't that simply by choice? And are we not dared to dream, and not just any dream, but big?

As I look at the pile of #oneofakinddesigns that are sitting by my sewing machine, as I finish sewing my old #sleepycatdezines labels on them, I conjure up my next drawing in my head and imagine a story so rich in detail, so full of life, one that continues to unfold with each wear, photo and video taken. The next phase unfolds before my very eyes...

As we take the time to reduce the clutter in our lives, and minimize the things we impulsively collect, let's honour that which serves us. That which matters most, defines who we are. Not only does it set us apart from each other, it paves the way to our very destiny, the destiny we create for ourselves, and in turn, each other.

I create my own destiny, and whether you like it or not, so do you. As I listen to my truth, I give myself permission. What are you giving yourself permission on today? How does that serve you?

Andrea CameronComment