Who am I? And what the hell am I doing here?

I finally shared my blog with a friend, for the first time. This friend is part of my tribe. She is someone I respect and whose feedback I truly value and appreciate. She also happens to be a fabulous writer. She helped me gain clarity into what my purpose is for writing Putting the Red Pants On. Here's the thing, I've worked in fashion for 15 years. In a future post, I will explain why I went into fashion, a bit about what I did, and most importantly why I had to leave. I've always had a connection between fashion and life going on in my head, it's part of my DNA.

I enable women (to feel comfortable in their own skin), one by one, bit by bit, however I can. I am at service and continuing to find ways in which to do this, with integrity and authenticity.

I am out to transform the fashion industry, I have no idea how. It's so far reaching and out there to me that the how does not matter. To keep this focus, I just remind myself every once in awhile that this is what I am up to. This is what sits at my core, my reason for being.

The combination of my experience in fashion and my philosophies about life create the connection between these two worlds. It's simply who I am, and I'm tired of holding myself back.

From now on I will be making that connection and sharing it with you, with each blog post. I will do this once a week, as I openly practice consistency.

How do you practice consistency in your life? Please share in the comments below.