When frustration sits on my head

I'm fortunate to be human. On a day like today, one that is set aside to make headway with an important project, things can mount and frustration can kick in. Well, it has.

As I sit in anger and wait for this frustration to pass, I think about what got me here and what I will do when it passes. It always takes longer to pass then I think it will, that is until I remember to breathe. Yup, at least three deep breaths takes me down a notch. I need to do that a few times as my mind relaxes and remembers there is no need to be angry.

Writing also helps. Anything to help me think clearly.

As for my project, not much progress was made and I will likely start from scratch tomorrow. Part of me does not want to wait until tomorrow, a bigger part of me just knows better. A sense of accomplishment is what motivates me, however big or small. I do not feel a sense of accomplishment yet I will not let that stop me from enjoying the rest of my day. Why? Because a worthwhile challenge also motivates me. This one is very much worthwhile, and simply needs a fresh set of eyes tomorrow.

After a few days has passed, I look back and see. I was not able to 'let go' of my anger and frustrations so readily. I really had to sit with it for some time, allowing myself to dwell in the feeling and take the time to talk through things with my trusted partner. In the end, what I had to get over was myself. Our time is limited and precious, why waste it on anger and frustrations? When really all there is, is learning.

I have a handful of topics I plan on writing about, I hope they are helpful in some way. If this post was helpful, even in some little way, please comment below and let me know how.