What do you connect with?

And how are you expressing that? There is man and what he created, and there is nature and what she creates. From this creative smorgasbord, what matters to you? Often it is a blend of man, nature and their creations.

An executive appreciates knowledge, which would bring about a sense of pride. In discussing the latest advancements, or wearing a finely tailored suit, there is a reflection of said executives core values. How can that expression be extra-ordinary?

A yoga instructor appreciates the air, creating a connection with the earth and everything in it. By showing visceral emotion, or by wearing natural fibres on the body, there is a connection to ones perceived values. How are others experiencing this, and does it match the original intent?

Sometimes things match up, and sometimes there is a gap. It does not matter how practiced one is at the art, true mastery is never achieved. Get out of your own way. Look at what is inside, and ask others what are they seeing on the outside. Practice in filling the gap, keep at it. There is always a gap.

Through this practice, I see what I am sharing and how, along with what I am holding onto and why. I have been learning what unity looks like, and how to know if something is in balance. I am intentionally practicing panache and grace.

How are you expressing what you connect with? Give yourself permission to experiment, provide yourself a space to play within. Imperfection is being detached to the outcome that is created. Create your own idea to hop, skip and jump along the path to. Putting it out there to see what happens is taking a risk. Calculate the risk if you need to, or not. Either way, give yourself the experience. Allow yourself to learn and grow.

How do you connect the inside with the outside?