It's been awhile

Fear has frozen me, yet again. My head will ramble on with 'yes, I know's' and 'that's next' and 'I'm getting to that', when in reality I find myself paralyzed.

Thing is, I know that I can get myself through this. More importantly, I know I don't have to do it alone. I'm just not so experienced in asking for help. I'm not sure what it is, more exploring required there.

I mean, yes, I've always been 'wise beyond my years' and 'ferociously independent'. If you've heard it too, you know exactly what I am talking about. Yet, it doesn't stop there. It's almost as if those words encouraged me to seek within and solely within to move forward, yet, I am limited.

I've never been one to create a timeline and follow it. I am very good at creating timelines in a way that seems workable. Yet, I almost never follow them myself. Well then, I can stop making them, phew! It does help me to have deadlines on specific projects. So, where does that leave me…? In the now.

Part of me is making excuses, and feels like life is 'on hold' right now. At least I appreciate what I have to hold onto, it certainly makes this time worthwhile. So…? To move forward...

  1. I take notes.
    1. NOTE: No more timelines, create deadlines for specific projects. One at a time.
  2. Next step is to action.
    1. ACTION: Have website active by Jan. 1st
  3.  Breakdown into smaller steps, and take the first one I know of.
    1. FIRST STEP: Confirm squarespace has what I need, to do so, test out the free trial offer.
  4. And go.
    1. Wish me luck!

NOTE: I know I need external accountability, so my next question is 'what does that look like?'

The answer is always 'sharing'.