Be comfortable

And keep moving forward. Sometimes we need to be discomforted to grow, so it can take some time to wrap our mind around the idea. Who wants to willingly do something that knowingly creates discomfort? Growth is not always easy, yet once we grow we comfortably fit into our new skin. It is difficult, nearly impossible, to imagine going backwards. After growth, going 'back to the way things were' is often the last thing we want. Funny how that works.

Yet, it is in the comfort spots, that we find our true self. Those little nooks we feel along the growth path, they allow us to represent our true self in life. It is when we find these nooks, play around in them, and explore them, they become bigger. Something new connects for us, and we feel at ease in showing our true self to the world. We are able to do it with strength and grace. It becomes expansive and expressive. These nooks are comfortable, yet new. We found them along our journey, moving forward, and happily adapted them to amplify our inner self out into the world.

It is commonly known, that in order for growth to happen, we need to be ready and willing. Even though it brings discomfort, choosing growth generates actual change and transformation. Sometimes we need a gentle push, yet it is when we ask for it that it truly makes a difference. Growth may feel scary, intimidating, even lonely. We are leaving something so familiar behind, and moving into the unknown. The world as we know it will be no more. Instead, it will be so much more than what we could have imagined. Growth, change and transformation, these are things to ask for.

Are you feeling pushed into growth? Is it coming from external sources or is it an internal push? If it is external, know that you have people in your life that care about you and want the best for you. When you are ready go ahead and walk into the discomfort, you have someone by your side. If it is internal, listen carefully and start taking actions. They don't need to be big actions, they need to be forward moving actions. You will eventually find a nook, and you'll be hooked. We become captivated, that's when the motivation truly develops.

If you are pushing someone and they are resistant, back off and lead by example. Start by openly sharing your experiences and providing others with opportunities. This goes for pushing yourself as well. Share with others what you are going through and remain open to new opportunities, big and small.

The nooks just happen, like potholes. They kinda just fall into place, like a force of nature.