Our breath reflects our thoughts

Really though, stop and think about it. Did your breathing also just stop? Even for the slightest moment. I'm sure it has to do with the connection between the mind and body, and when that little voice inside our heads is talking, the breath is also listening. Kinda like a self fulfilling prophecy, starting at our very core, our life line, our breath.

Our thoughts and our breath alike are things that are often and easily taken for granted. Not that it's intentional. For the most part, they're just on automatic so we don't give it much… thought. Ironic?

When we take those moments to pay attention to our breathing, inhale deeply and notice how our body feels, our mind clears up. Yes, this can be found in the practice of meditation, yoga and running, just to name a few. It also happens in the day to day moments, regardless of what we are doing. We just need to take those moments, own them, and truly cherish them.

When we are stressed, regardless of the type of stress, it reminds us that what we are facing is not the 'be all and end all'. That we are more than what is in front of us, causing said stress. It reminds us that we are human and helps us see the bigger picture, the picture of life. The life that breath provides for us.

When we are loved, our breath reminds us to honour that love. To hold it near and dear, and with high regards. We are reminded that to receive love is to be love, and to give love. Love is the cycle of life, truly. Just like breath, they hold hands. I love that I am here on this earth, breathing as a human being, this time at least.

I can say the same thing about all the elements our earth provides us, especially water. However our breath is the one thing that has the biggest impact on our lives, our thoughts, and our feelings. It brings us together, quite literally. As our breath allows our legs to move, and our brain tells our legs how to do that.

Our breath is a tool, one to be use wisely. Naturally it keeps us alive with breathing. It also can be used for talking, singing, blowing kisses, making bubbles, filling a balloon… exercise. And it definitely affects our thoughts. Next time you are harried, anxious, or simply feeling low, stop and take a slow deep breath. See what happens, share it with someone near you. If there is no-one near you, make a friend, or call a friend. Have them breath, and pay attention with you. Experience the breath together, and talk about what happens.

Cherish. The breath. The moments.