Having a 'hair' day?

In the life I have created for myself, hair is an opportunity for expression. It is one of many, all of which create a lively balancing act. Sometimes I choose not to use this 'hair tool', and even when I am not, it says something. Not negative or positive, just something. I don't actually know what that something is, yet I go through extensive periods of time where I do 'nothing' with it.

When considering what to do with my hair, I like to think 'What's my next expression?' and reflect this in my hair choice. What's the big picture look like, and how can my hair help me keep going? I'll give you an example. I had been contemplating chopping my hair off for several months, and I was not ready. Then one day I realized that chopping it off will put me 'out there', that I would not longer be able to 'hide'. By the time I was ready to put myself out there, I was ready to chop my hair off. It felt wonderful and was a fun experience, since it reflected what I was going through in life.

When I am using my hair as a tool, I enjoy it very much. It certainly can spark some interesting conversations. It can easily be perceived as vain, even in my own brain. It is not vain, it is dynamic. Whatever your hair looks like, whatever condition it is in, it is still an opportunity to share your self expression. It is an opportunity to communicate with others, communicate about who you are and what you are up to in the world. It can even spark a conversation, if you let it.

This tool can be used at any given time. You don't even need to do anything to your hair.