Turning Inward

It's something I will always be learning. I may have mastered it, and I am still on the journey. It was once implied to me by leadership development experts, that you learn and develop one 'level' of leadership before moving onto the next. Life is such a game isn't it? There's levels in everything. The particular levels being taught were self, organization (community), and global.

It was as if they were saying there is a way of completing each level. In a more refined sense of the term completion, perhaps. In a slightly broader sense, true mastery is never complete. We just become more aware of what to allow in as we continue on our journey.

As we continue along our inward journey, we bump into opportunities to share, to be in community. We learn to contribute and become a welcoming member. Then we start to see our own true value. It is not hidden, or covered up, there is no facade. One that sometimes needs to be told straight to our faces, before we see it and acknowledge it. And one day we also learn to truly appreciate it, along with not taking it too seriously. It being life.

As I continue to learn and contribute, to community and the world, I will be forever turning inward. It is a required tool in my toolbox, one that allows me to function. It gives me a sense of direction, clarity and sense of self. Which then allows me to contribute, and the cycle continues.

Sometimes I have to stop myself from believing this is selfish, this inward turning. It is not selfish. It is what fuels me, and without it I would perish.