When I look around, pay attention, and cherish the moment; I have abundance.  It involves the practice of appreciation, mindfulness and gratitude. It allows me to want no more. It allows me to be.

At the beginning of this year I set an intention. I amplified my intention through the use of metaphysics and sacred geometry. My intention was 'Clarity, Prosperity, and Vitality'.

I gained enormous clarity within the first few months, with a sea of it washing over me by the summer months. Prosperity is not evident in finances as of yet, so for now it shows up in more meaningful ways. I take opportunities to share my prosperity in the little ways I am able to, to provide a living example. My vitality has been in overdrive as I recognize my physical and mental limitations. I am aware of just how alive my body is, and how it supports me in being here.

It's fascinating what our intentions can do for us. Whenever I was in doubt, I reflected on my intentions. With a year of focus, I have uncovered an abundance in all areas of intention. As is life, this will continue to develop long after I set new intentions. A seed has been planted, and that seed has been properly supported. It grew from my core, and now it pumps through my veins. It's growth is self sufficient, and my being depends on it. A vital cycle, of abundance.