What is the Truth?

The truth is within us. This answer came to me today, through meditation. I believe this to be true. And with enough self reflection we are able to express our truth out into the world. I believe whole heartedly that every single one of us has something positive to offer the world and the people around us. It is through accessing this core of our being that allows us to express it, that allows us to share who we truly are. This takes time, and patience. Something we can all use to give ourselves a little more of. What is your reflection of the truth? What positive offering is at your core?

The truth is in our connection. Our connection with ourselves, with one another, and with the world around us. Our connections are vast and varied, and beautifully unique.

I believe in the power of connection, on a human level. There is a powerful force guiding our every move, wherever it stems from and whatever we call it. So, let's start with being here on earth together. That connection alone is one worth exploring, growing and celebrating. Our connection with each other in each experience, as well as the connection we have with the earth, be it individual or as a whole. It is simply vast and varied, there is so much to explore. What does your being here on earth connect you to?

The truth is us. It is an excellent starting point in a sea of limitless possibilities. We are all here, being, together. I am always fascinated with the fact of our existence. I am even more fascinated with what we are capable of. I believe we all have untapped potential, even when we think we have tapped it. Sometimes we just need a break, and sometimes we just need a push. This is the ebb and flow, the balance, and the beauty, of life.

In each moment, we only have our existing thoughts and beliefs, wherever they may come from, whether we are aware of them or not. Inner reflection, connection, and expression, bring us beyond our limitations. They bring us into our unrealized potential, that of which we don't even know exists. This is the beauty of being.