Show up

Or grow up. I had an entire post written here, but it was a bunch of gibberish to me. Gibberish that I needed to come back and edit, and simply didn't want to. You want to know what happened? It blocked my expression, it stopped me from writing. So, I 'grew up', I 'moved on'. I just now deleted it and well, here I am. However many days/weeks later. I have no idea what point I was trying to make with that post, it simply wasn't working for me. I was not able to edit and publish it, it rendered itself useless.

Beyond that post, that's pretty much how I handle things in life. The things that are unknowns, be they challenges or not. I let them sit for some time, an undetermined amount of time. Then, I reflect on it. As I reflect, I see if there is a connection with what I am learning in each new moment. Is there anything that will help me get through whatever it is that I am reflecting on? Sometimes this happens very quickly, sometimes quite slowly. It really just depends on how well versed I am in the subject matter. It is not that I am obsessing, just whenever it pops into my mind. Sometimes I give myself physical reminders, sometimes I don't need to.

The important thing to note, is that I don't judge. I just let it be, and allow any emotions that show up to flow through me. I enjoy my emotions, they remind me that I am human, and they teach me about myself. I give myself permission to reflect, learn, then move on in whatever way that shows up.

Moving on now.