I gave myself permission

You can too. It took me nearly 5 months to write my first blog post. Like Gwen Stefani kept singing, what was I waiting for? Someone else to tell me it's ok?

Here's the thing. I had been working in an industry for 15 years. I was trained to think and behave a certain way. Thankfully, I allowed myself the time to stop and 'deprogram' my brain. I hibernated, wrapping myself in a cocoon of nourishment. Bit by bit, I got back to feeling the way I felt before starting that career. I reconnected with why I went into it in the first place, and remembered who I really am at my core. I lit the fire within and learned how to spark it. This all happened within that five months, and a few months prior. I'd say it was worth it, and I am grateful.

I gave myself permission to take the time I needed. I gave myself permission to respond to others in whatever way supported me. And eventually, I gave myself permission to ignite.

You can too. As the song goes, 'take a chance 'cause you might grow'.