Sharing is Caring

It is a cheesy line, and I like a layer of cheese sometimes. I developed a care bear stare at some point, it's not something you can see, it's something I feel. It allows me to feel grounded, and fills me with white light and love. I sometimes correlate this to super heroes and their chest logos, iron man and how it keeps him alive, superman and how it identifies him as an alien, basically. Regardless, I much prefer a care bear stare.

My care bear stare allows me to share my true self with others. It reminds me to step into my humanity and share what is there. I need this reminder, more frequently than I wish to admit.

Sharing does not come naturally to me, it is something I have had to learn as an adult. Sharing of myself is an even newer phenomenon to me. I've always been the wall flower, people watching and following along. I have a hold on things, I don't really care about what you think of me, and I'll do what I want anyways. What I wasn't willing to admit is that I was living from a place of fear, fear of rejection. Even as I am writing this, I am getting apprehensive about writing this. Holy shit! What rejection is to me, it's a heavy cloak that weighs me down. My body slumps, my voice softens and I don't want to look at you. I go into pretend mode, and my true self does not do pretense.

As I go through my own iterations of personal growth, I notice where my friends are at and how we are different. I can see how easy it is to withhold information about one self, for fear that the other person does not want to hear about it. Dear rejection, you are not welcome here. How do I support my friends and create a space for them to open up...time to turn the care bear stare on. The love in me sees the love in you, repeat. Thank-you friend.

Then, by experiencing a lack of, I am reminded that gratitude is simple and has such a great impact on others. When caught up with ourselves, the simplest and kindest gesture is easily overlooked. I know I am guilty of this, since I can now see it in others. It gets exhausting, when it happens time and time again. I needn't ask for it, I need to express it. In every moment, there is learning. I am grateful for this moment, repeat.

What is one new way you can share your true self today? The self that is at your inner core, your authentic being, that white light. Perhaps there is something you have thought about doing and have yet to act upon, today is your lucky day.