Dream big, they say...

I dream everyday, sometimes big, sometimes not so big. Like today, I had two big dreams. Maybe one day they will come true, I'm not one to limit the how. I'm also a firm believer in that anything is possible, so it really just depends on if and when I choose to act on them. The first dream is that I will become a professor at some prestigious university and study self expression, making the connection with the inner and outer being. This dream goes on a ways. The second dream is that I will attend yet another prestigious school for performing arts, get admitted for my singing abilities, learn to compose music and perform pretty much everything you can imagine. Oh, and I'll dabble with directing and producing on the side. This one happens later in life, with the purpose of breaking some sort of social barrier.

What is it with my desire to attend prestigious schools anyways… the schooling is in the actions we take every day.

Thing is, I know I get bored easily and don't have nearly enough ambition to follow through with these, at least not in the way that they are dreamt. That may be because convention is what bores me, and our dreams are somewhat conventional. I do however, have a knack for making my dreams come true with some interpretation. It's all about designing my life, and (day) dreaming is a form of exploration for me. A very fun exploration that I divulge in often. Dreaming allows my brain to make connections, connections that ring true for me. These connections are what allow me to freely choose what I act upon in real life.

Dreams are often conventional, as they are fed to us by what we have heard and seen in our environment. Even when things seem all messed up or backwards, the pieces of the dreams still stem from convention. When they are unconventional, and something stands out, it is especially time to pay attention. Either way, it is our interpretation that truly matters, and how we choose to execute that interpretation.

What I know after dreaming today is that there is a specific topic of study to apply to my coaching practice, like a thesis. I'm not sure exactly what that is or how to do it, that's not the point. This dream (along with other things in my life) is telling me to get specific and take notes along the way, perhaps so I will be prepared for something bigger down the road. Secondly, I love singing as a form of self expression. Through my voice lessons, I am learning a lot, practice keeps me entertained and I have a new means of meeting creative people. This dream is telling me to chill out, enjoy the journey and get expressive.

Look at your big dreams, day or night. What are they and how do they apply to your everyday life? The application does not need to be big. Get creative, and put your interpretive hat on.