No Limits

There's a song for that. Why do we place limits on ourselves? What's in it for us? Safety, security, a paycheque. Really though, what's the pay off? I assert that it is much deeper than what we are willing to admit.

I interact with a lot of different people, in various stages of life, who are all learning and loving the best ways they know how. Most people are followers, myself included, even when we like to think otherwise. It takes true hutzpah to really take the lead, on anything, your life included.

I like to wait, waiting is easy, and fun. Waiting is my game, sometimes I call it procrastination. I'm a pro, a master of sorts. What I am finally learning is that I no longer need to play that game. What I know about myself is that, once I have mastered something (at least what I call mastery), I get bored and it's time to move onto something more interesting, at least for the time being. Starting to write in this blog is my first step to moving on, the rest of the steps will naturally unfold as I continue to share my voice. I've known this for months now, I am not waiting any longer.

This all comes from current insights on communication. I find others will limit themselves in how they will interact with me and what they will say. They have no reason to, for either of our sakes. It does not benefit either of us for them to withhold, hold back, or limit what they say. I especially do not want others to limit what they do in life, there are only the limits we place on ourselves, including the sky. What's beyond the sky?

When I see this type of limiting communication, it is often complimented by limiting behaviours. When requested, I am delighted to provide insights to the people in my life, full well knowing I could be totally off base. What matters is that I am willing to learn from the experience of the interaction, all the while knowing that holding back is not an option. That would be cheating, and cheating places limits on our self worth.

It is in the combined efforts of our self expression that we truly learn and prosper. When you embrace the freedom within, what is it you want to do? And what is it you do?