Colour is Universal

It's meaning is not. Since we all have unique life experiences that define who we are and how we see the world, colour can be seen in so many ways. In the physical world, our perception, physical makeup and surroundings affect how reflected wavelengths appear to the individual eye. But that is just the surface, it's the interpretation of what we see, our experiences with it, and the impact it has on each and every one of us that truly matters. Something I would venture to guess that we all know something about, and could benefit from considering on a deeper level.

This comes up for me today as there is a lot going on in the world, and the colour red is being displayed in many ways. Universally red means many things, which in my opinion all stems from passion. It is also a colour of contradiction, representing love and war, the loving heart and the blood that pumps through it. Truly, we have both extremes present at all times, and it is in recognizing their existence that makes the whole expression of who we are possible. One does not exist without the other, it is a balance, a balance worth exploring. It takes the passion of love to heal the anger of war, the war within ourselves that creates the war around us.

My personal relationship with red goes back to the age of five, at least in memory. Red for me is related to my own means of self expression, being true to myself and of course, how I feel when I wear it. Red allows me to move forward, nothing and no-one can stop me, including myself. It is empowering for me to 'show up' wearing red, there is no hiding, and when I wear red I don't want to. Red is a power colour, and for me it goes much much deeper than that. Power to me is internal, self fulfilling and comes from a place of value. It comes from my heart, a place of love. My understanding of the universal meaning of power is not quite the same, although that seems to be shifting.

There are endless resources about colour and their meanings. From clothing and home decor, to power point presentations and advertising. Colour is everywhere, and so are the many tools and interpretations of colour in existence. It is something to be appreciated for sure. So, how do you appreciate the differences dispelled by colour? It may help to consider, what does colour offer you? Start with something readily available, like art, or even advertising, possibly even your wardrobe. Play around and see what comes up for you in your explorations. Colour is expressive, allow your interpretation of colour to express itself, in whatever way you see fit.

Colour is calling, I'd love to hear your answer.