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I started sewing as soon as I was old enough to hold a needle, and shopping as soon as I could walk. By my pre-teens I had fallen in love with the idea of fashion. As I was learning to make garments in a variety of ways, I started to see the impact the industry had on those around me. I watched my friends compare themselves to models in magazines and I knew something wasn't right - I just couldn't explain it yet.

After pursuing a 15 year career in the fashion industry, I returned to my original desire of being an entrepreneur. I self sabotaged myself in my younger years due to self limiting beliefs and negative money stories. I've had multiple failed attempts and expect many more. Entrepreneurship is a long and rocky road, with highs and lows like any other career choice. Most days I want to quit, but I won't. Commitment is necessary, self-expression is a requirement and Love is where it all began. 

Putting it all together is how we fashion our lives. What will you choose?

- Andrea



Currently residing in Beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada


Founder & Style Coach